About me

As a technology and process expert, I am glad to have made significant impact on my clients’/ employers’ businesses. I ensure that they get benefited from my past experience as well as my zeal to stay current with the technology trends.

Currently, I have a wider portfolio at OPJGU than a conventional CIO. I have been responsible in bringing in fresh innovative perspectives in a range of functions of the University. Most of these involve IT solutions like implementing ERP, DMS, LMS and Payroll solutions. I have also been able to redefine processes to make them more efficient.

Since 1999, I have been in the education and training domain post my MBA from IIMK. Being from the first batch of Kozhikode, I believe there is a fair amount of entrepreneurial instinct ingrained into my personality. Even while working as an employee with Career Launcher, the test prep company, for over a decade, I have been more of an “intra-preneur”- handling greenfield operations and reviving sagging businesses. I had been exposed to all facets of a small business including academics, operations, sales, profit-centre management and technology.

After Career Launcher, I co-founded a startup called Beyond Teaching with the intent to “do good” for the much-neglected teaching community. We built a 1.5 Lakh strong community and provided them with extra earning opportunity from the projects our clients wanted us to execute. With the resource constraints typical of a startup, we made the best use of our technology background and built tech solutions to manage large projects with just a handful of people.

I began my consulting career with an assignment with ATMC, an Australian institution to help them analyze processes and use technology intervention wherever necessary. I also helped a test prep company, Clat Possible, to make a completely digital product from scratch and impact other processes with technology solutions.