Some other dimensions

I have done a bit of different things along with “work”. I must confess that I haven’t exactly been the world-beater in any of these aspects but I just love doing them anyway.

Being an outdoor person, I like to travel and my favourite mode of travel is the bike. My Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 takes me (and, often my wife) to places that we want to visit to relax. The bike is also usually my mode of transport for work or leisure.

I am also a fitness enthusiast. Though I would have preferred to have some “packs” in the gut, it needs a substantially higher level of commitment that I lack to the gym. However, I do run, cycle and swim. That makes for a potential “Iron Man” title. Individually, I have completed a Marathon and several Half-Marathons. I have also cycled more than 100 kms a few times and swam more than 2.5 kms too. I believe a Half Iron Man is doable now! Check out my Strava athlete profile here.

I have dabbled in photography and some of the photographs have found their way on the exhibitions. Here are some that might give you a perspective on my shots:

My Shutterstock Gallery